Rotterdam Christmas Gifts

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  • The Noordsingel Box

    The Noordsingel Box is for the real drink lover. We have made a selection of the tastiest specialty beers and snacks from Rotterdam and the surrounding area especially for you. This Rotterdam drink package is well liked by tough men and women!

    23,00 ex. VAT
  • The Hef Box

    The Hef Box offers you a nice package with the versatile flavors of Rotterdam! Nice to give, nice to receive. You help Rotterdam entrepreneurs with it and you get really tasty products from the Maasstad.

    35,00 ex. VAT
  • The Rode Willem Box

    The Rode Willem Box is named after, you guessed it.. The Rode Willem! The iconic Red Bridge has recently been given a major makeover and is looking great again. Our Red Willem has also received a small makeover.

    42,00 ex. VAT
  • Sale!

    The Zwaan Box

    The Zwaan Box is named after the largest, most beautiful and most impressive bridge in Rotterdam: the Erasmus Bridge! Popularly known as the Swan. It will therefore come as no surprise that the Zwaan Box is the largest and most impressive package in Rotterdam in a Box.

    50,00 ex. VAT
  • Port Box

    The one and only Haven Box!

    50,00 ex. VAT
  • The Maastunnel Box

    The Maastunnel Box has many similarities with the oh so well-known tunnel in Rotterdam after which it is named. They are both quintessentially Rotterdam, they connect different parts of the city and it takes quite a while to get through! A full Box with artisanal products from the city.

    100,00 ex. VAT