Rotterdam in a Box

We constantly strive to spread positivity. We offer local entrepreneurs an extra market, provide moments of happiness to the recipients of our Boxes when they see all the goodies, and contribute to charities such as the Food Bank. We also want to make an extra social contribution by collaborating with sheltered workshops.

Proud entrepreneurs in the spotlight!

'Combination of opening and closing shops'

In 2017, two brothers started the City in a Box initiative with the mission to put entrepreneurs in the spotlight and to introduce the locals to all the goodies the city has to offer. This resulted in the tastiest and most original Christmas packages in town! Since then we have been collecting the tastiest artisanal products from local soil in our boxes.

In addition to supporting local entrepreneurship, we also want to support local employment. This is why we have chosen to have our packages packed at social workshops. It doesn't stop at simply collecting tasty local products. We would like to contribute to employment among the toppers who find it just a little less easy to find a job.

Local partners

Hoeksche Chips

Hoeksche Chips is a chips company. The chips are freshly made on a farm. Every day they bake the chips fresh in 100% sunflower oil. They only use natural products and no artificial colors, fragrances, flavors or preservatives. It is only made from sustainably grown potatoes, so they also have a different taste for the chips every season.

The Rotterdam Old One

Time has a special effect on (Rotterdam) old cheese. Time ensures that De Rotterdamsche Oudekaas can do its job. It is important that cheese has time to ripen in ideal conditions. Only then will De Rotterdamsche Oude get the wonderful aromas, distinct flavors and unique character. And you can taste that. Since their beginning, they have expanded the range with all kinds of Rotterdam specialties. Have you even tasted all their cheese balls?

Cape Brewers Rotterdam

Kaapse Brouwers is a Rotterdam company that produces delicious specialty beers. A well-known: Kaapse Karel. De Kaap is a nickname of the Katendrecht district of Rotterdam, where the company was founded. Since then, Kaapse Brouwers has grown into a real name. For sale at many catering establishments and of course to be found in a Rotterdam in a Box.

Rott. Brewers

Rott. brewers is a beer brewery from Rotterdam. They develop craft beer for people to enjoy life and the moment. Their focus is on brewing modern and cool beers, especially after the English and American example.


Rotterdammertjes is a company that sells different types of candy, books, packages and much more. They are all products from Rotterdam that are made by hard-boiled confectionery. Only high-quality ingredients and natural colors and flavors are used.

Loud Fruit

Luid Fruit is a company that makes delicious Rotterdam apple juice. Loud Fruit makes juice with character for serious enthusiasts from small to large. Pressed with passion and in addition only some heat so that you can enjoy for an extra long time. Our apple juice is made from 100% Dutch apples.

Sailor butter

Zeemansboter is a Rotterdam company that makes peanut butter. Zeemansbutter peanut butter is a pure peanut butter. Made from 99.8% organic peanuts and a little sea salt.

Sancho's Nuts

Sancho's Nuts. Sancho is a stubborn peanut farmer from Peru who sells delicious canned nuts and peanuts. The nuts come from the mountains of South America. 3 delicious flavors have emerged, namely Dry Roasted, Honey Salt and Spiced Mix.

Hottie Sambal

Hottie sambal is a company that makes and sells sambal which is made by products from Dutch soil. Production started in her own kitchen, but it soon became too small. Fortunately, she was able to go to a friend's restaurant kitchen. In 2006 she moved into her own production area and in 2009 I moved to a small factory.

RAM Cider

RAM Cider is a company that specializes in apple cider. Started in 2015 by friends with a passion for real apple cider. Because it can be better. Our ciders are 100% natural, made from Dutch apples. Hand pressed, aged and bottled.

Meuse streams

Maasstroompjes is a company that has been making Rotterdam biscuits since 1934. In 1934, the Rotterdam confectioner G. Slob invented the Maasstroompjes and won the prize for The Rotterdam biscuit. The biscuit fell into oblivion due to the war, but in 2013 the granddaughter of confectioner Slob brought the biscuit back onto the market based on the original recipe.

Bakers Workshop

Bakkers Werkplaats is a bakery where you can buy delicious bread, cake and biscuits. People who work here usually don't get the chance at another company because they are limited, but they do get a chance with us. So you don't just buy bread and lots of goodies from us, you also contribute to opportunities for this team of special bakers. Feel free to visit our store!

010 Vodka

010 vodka is a company that makes delicious vodka. You can drink this velvety vodka with character with your mates in the mix or pure with a block of ice. The column distillation of the highest quality grain alcohol makes it smooth. The fact that it has not been filtered gives it that raw Rotterdam edge.


Pineut is a company that makes delicious liqueurs. All Pineut products are tasty and socially inclusive homemade (DIY) gifts. For yourself or someone else. To enjoy together. Wonderfully surprising and useful. With Pineut you can easily put the tastiest snacks and drinks on the table.


Corporate social responsibility? We like to do the utmost! We have the Boxes packed with great enthusiasm and pride at GGZ Maatwerk. That is still done in the old-fashioned personal way, where we build a bond. Through mutual appreciation and comments such as “I want to compliment you. I think it's amazing that you have built such a large company at such a young age.” and “We really enjoy packing”, we get even more energy!


No Amsterdam in a Box without Roads. These heroes are enthusiastically committed to packing the nicest Christmas packages. Roads Print and Pixels is a social company. It employs people with a background in mental health care or addiction care who are busy regaining structure, daytime activities or work.

Network of entrepreneurs

Since 2017 we have been providing local Christmas hampers and promotional gifts for proud companies. To mean as much as possible, we have a large network of local entrepreneurs in cities throughout the Netherlands.