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Order Rotterdam corporate gifts in 2024

Looking for the best company gifts from Rotterdam? For colleagues or business relations? Please feel free to contact us to see what we can do for your company.

Corporate gifts with a story

Our Rotterdam company gifts are known for their unique and inspiring stories. Each entrepreneur in the package has a story and the company gifts are proudly wrapped by sheltered workshops. Each gift comes with a card on which all these stories can be read.

Moreover, it is also possible for companies to add their own story to the company gift, from a card to even complete magazines.

It is therefore not surprising that we have been providing company gifts for proud local companies for years!

What makes the Rotterdam company gifts extra fun?


When putting together our company gifts, we think about the small details that make the difference. The gift not only radiates care and attention, but it also shows that the colleague and business relation are personally valued.


You won't find such a unique and well-executed concept anywhere else. Every entrepreneur has a unique story, which is also shared in the company gifts. That makes Rotterdam in a Box the most unique gift of this year!


Our company gifts don't just contain a collection of random products, but a carefully curated collection of local products.

Frequently asked questions for ordering corporate gifts

It is wise to order your Rotterdam company gifts at least 2 to 5 weeks in advance. That way we and our partners have enough time to put together and deliver the gifts. If you are late with ordering, there is a risk that we will no longer have time to take care of the company gifts for your company. And that would of course be a pity!

The number of Rotterdam company gifts you need to order depends on the number of employees and business relations you have and to whom you would like to give a personal gift. We often advise to estimate a little more broadly, so that new employees and business relations can also enjoy such a nice local gift.

Sure! It is possible to have your own card or product added to your gifts. In addition, we can also make a mix of the existing formats. If you are interested in self-compiled corporate gifts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

That is absolutely possible! You can have your own card or product added to the gifts. It often happens that companies choose to add a gift card.

In addition, we can place your company logo on the Box. That makes it extra fun!

Personalizing company gifts can be easily requested via our contact form.

In general, the minimum order is 50 Rotterdam company gifts.

Yes, we can send the company gifts directly to your colleagues' addresses. This is useful if your colleagues work remotely and can't come to the office to pick up their gifts. Please note that additional shipping costs are associated with this option.

Order on time and pass on your desired delivery date! Then we try to ensure that your company gifts are received on time.

Yes, we offer the possibility to have Rotterdam company gifts sent to multiple addresses. Please contact us for this.

Unfortunately that is not possible. Because we work with perishable delicacies and have the company gifts wrapped through sheltered workshops, we usually don't have a physical store to see a sample. If it concerns a large purchase, we can always come by in consultation or send an example gift.

Do you have any questions about the (next) order?

Many proud companies already ordered!

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