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Support local and social entrepreneurship

Christmas Special 2021

For a good year-end, you want to give your colleagues a nice Christmas gift with real stories and social impact!

  • The Zwaan Box

    The Zwaan Box is named after the largest, most beautiful and most impressive bridge in Rotterdam: the Erasmus Bridge! Popularly known as the Swan. It will therefore come as no surprise that the Zwaan Box is the largest and most impressive package in Rotterdam in a Box.

    50,00 ex. BTW

Other original gifts

  • The Maastunnel Box

    The Maastunnel Box has many similarities with the oh so well-known tunnel in Rotterdam after which it is named. They are both quintessentially Rotterdam, they connect different parts of the city and it takes quite a while to get through! A full Box with artisanal products from the city.

    100,00 ex. BTW
  • The Hef Box

    The Hef Box offers you a nice package with the versatile flavors of Rotterdam! Nice to give, nice to receive. You help Rotterdam entrepreneurs with it and you get really tasty products from the Maasstad.

    35,00 ex. BTW
  • The Noordsingel Box

    The Noordsingel Box is for the real drink lover. We have made a selection of the tastiest specialty beers and snacks from Rotterdam and the surrounding area especially for you. This Rotterdam drink package is well liked by tough men and women!

    23,00 ex. BTW
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"Niemand is zo trots op z’n stad als de Rotterdammer. Wanneer je zo’n Box koopt, deel je de trots!"


"Sommige ideeën lijken simpel en werken goed. De stad Rotterdam promoten door lokaal geproduceerde producten in een geschenkbox te stoppen, een box – en je hebt het perfecte kerstpakket voor Rotterdamse ondernemers."


"Ze zijn dol op Rotterdam, de mentaliteit en de lokale ondernemers, en dus hebben ze dat in een doos gestopt. De broers Tycho en Boris Luijten maken Rotterdam in a Box, een doos met allerlei lekkers uit de stad."

With a Rotterdam Christmas Gift of Rotterdam In A Box
you support the local Rotterdam entrepreneur

Rotterjam helpt

“Rotterdam in a Box bought our first large batch of Jam” - Jelle

RotterJam is an initiative of Rotterdam students to
combat loneliness among the elderly. 

Many companies have already preceded!

What our customers say

"We think it's fantastic to be able to make customer relations happy with this real Rotterdam gift!"
Sonja Harteveld Testimonial
Sonja Harteveld
“Ideal gift to give away to relations, inside and outside Rotterdam!”
Vincent Wegener testimonial
Vincent Wegener
founder RDM Next
"Rotterdam in a Box is the go-to gift if we want to give a gift from the physician assistants!"
Erasmus MC

Christmas is around the corner

Don't wait too long anymore...


Create your own Rotterdam Christmas gift

With the choice of 50+ products from Rotterdam, you can endlessly combine! Do you want to make your Rotterdam Christmas package completely yourself? That is possible with larger orders!

For over 4 years Christmas Gifts from Rotterdam!

In 2017, Rotterdam in a Box was founded with the mission to put small Rotterdam entrepreneurs in the spotlight and to introduce Rotterdammers to all the goodies that Rotterdam has to offer. This resulted in the tastiest and most original Rotterdam Christmas gifts! Since then, we have been collecting the tastiest artisanal products from Rotterdam soil in our Christmas gifts. In addition to supporting local entrepreneurship, we also want to support local employment. As a result, we have chosen to have our packages packed at sheltered workshops. It doesn't stop at simply collecting delicious Rotterdam products in nice Christmas gifts. We would like to contribute to employment among Rotterdammers who are just a little more difficult to find a job.

Rotterdam Christmas Gifts and corona

The situation has created challenges for everyone and we have to think the other way around. That is why we like to think along with you. For example, do you want to have the Rotterdam Christmas gifts delivered to everyone's home? This is also easily possible with an order via our webshop or via In this way you can still surprise your employees and business relations with a Rotterdam Christmas package and make an unforgettable impression! In addition, local entrepreneurs can use your support. With a Rotterdam in a Box you support local and social entrepreneurship.